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Originally Posted by Ethernaut View Post
You know, that is good information to have. It's pretty obvious from reading various threads on ASC that a 400FPS is a pretty safe assumption for game legal guns on Canadian feilds. This is the first time that i've see someone say that it had to be 400FPS with 0.20s. I mean, its been mentioned that you get tested with 0.20s and one can read between the lines, but its best have it spelled out. Good post Erennert
Really, we go by joules. That's energy of the BB.

So 0.20's at 400fps is 1.49 joules, and that's the limit (for certain fields). You can use any weight of BB you want but your fps and weight mix has to be 1.49 joules or under.

We just go by fps with 0.20's to make it easy, because chronometers read FPS and that's the easiest thing to measure.

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