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I bought this one back in the fall. Yes, it's Cybergun crap, but some guys seem to have good performance out of the box. But it's a true clone- 100% TM compatible.

Gamed it once (albeit in subzero temp) and the piston head blew apart.

around $200-odd later:

-DeepFire titanium tooth piston
-Modify aluminum piston head
-Modify aluminum cylinder head
-Sorbo Pad
-Prometheus M100 spring
-Modify air seal nozzle
-Shim kit
-Modify double-groove stainless bushings
-new Hop up rubber & bucking
-Madbull tightbore barrel
-11V Lipo battery

OK now, after all that, I know my way around a V3 mechbox pretty good, and I've got a really good performing machine. Nice and quiet, precise, and quick on the ROF. Not the way I'd recommend for everyone else to go, but it worked for me.
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