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Crosman Stinger Shotgun for CQB

Hey everyone. I looked up some reviews on the Crosman stinger and they seem like awesome guns. I mean at $120 you can't really go wrong and since it's a TM clone I can get replacement parts easily.

I have a few questions though.

From reading the other thread it seems like the pump action on the shotgun is really tough and will give your arm a nice workout. Is there any way to make it not so hard to pump? Some sort of spring that I can change or sanding something down a bit?

I'll be using this for CQB so it seems like my kind of gun but can I expect a reasonable spread on it when I fire? This will be a CQB gun so it's not like I'm trying to snipe someone from 100 ft down a field. Should I "salt and pepper" my BB's with .20's .25's .28's and maybe a few seamless .12's (if I can find them)?

I have a quote of the shotgun is shooting at 360 FPS I'm not sure if that's with .12's or .20's but assuming it's 360 with .20's what spring should I change to to get it to CQB limits. I think I'm going to want to stay safe and get it to 320-330 with .20's so that I can play at any indoor field. I'm assuming something like an M90, S90 or M100 spring should do the trick?
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