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Originally Posted by seiren View Post
This question is more of a budget question than a "what specific gun should I get" question. I'm a University kid and I'm in my classes for the year end in a couple weeks, and unfortunately so does my job. I currently work in my schools library but because of budget cuts I'll be out of work as of next Saturday at 4pm. Now assuming I don't get a hair cut or buy Left 4 Dead I'll have about $180-$200. Is there anything I can do or am I stuck until I get a summer job?
I think this may help you out a bit.. YouTube - How To Make- 9mm. Pen Gun

Just kidding around...

You'll need at the very least, twice that to get started with any sort of AEG that's NOT from CT or the likes. Good news is after you purchase your AEG, battery, and charger - BBs are so cheap that after your initial purchase, budget won't be hard to keep. Mind you, then you get addicted to airsoft like "Bobby on the corner gets addicted to crack" and it's all over. Budget out the door, Kraft Dinner, face paint and war movies... oh and obviously, you'll need some camo to run around in the woods too...

Anyway, start hunting for a summer job, save up and get something you like.

Good luck.
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