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Originally Posted by seiren View Post
This question is more of a budget question than a "what specific gun should I get" question. I'm a University kid and I'm in my classes for the year end in a couple weeks, and unfortunately so does my job. I currently work in my schools library but because of budget cuts I'll be out of work as of next Saturday at 4pm. Now assuming I don't get a hair cut or buy Left 4 Dead I'll have about $180-$200. Is there anything I can do or am I stuck until I get a summer job?

1) buy a hair clipper; it pays for itself in about 2-3 haircuts

2) while you may be able to find something for that price, I'd suggest you wait, save up, and get something better quality. Otherwise you'll probably be blowing money on something that's gonna take a huge dump on you 6 months down the road just for the sake of having it sooner than later.

3) don't know if you're factoring in, or already have, other stuff you'll need, like decent goggles (don't cheap out on your eye protection, if it fails you don't get a second chance), battery + charger, BBs, etc.
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