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A good starter gun?

I was looking for an MP5 SD6 just more or less because i like the style and size but i am not sure what i should be looking for and what a good price range would be. I'm open to spending in the realm of 450.00$ can. I found an MP5 SD6 for that price with some add ons but was told that the range of the stock gun is best suited for indoor action. Am i able to find a good indoor outdoor (350-400 fps) gun in that price range? What are some key things i should be looking for? I plan to play lots outside this summer and maybe more inside in the winter. I have a SIG Sauer handgun that will be my secondary weapon. Any advice is great thank you. This will be my 1st purchase so im very uncertain. And yeah i am verified just getting the info entered. So i want to get a jump on some gun info. CHEERS!!!
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