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I personally think the AUG is a really really nice looking gun. All other things ( gearbox, BBs blah blah blah etc etc ) being equal my guess is that the only can advantage to a AUG over other guns is that it uses a bullpup configuration. Bullpups have rifleesque length barrels in a more carbine sized gun. Carbines (Spetnaz Beta AK, lots of M4s etc) cut down barrel length to make the weapon shorter, therefore better for urban/close quarters combat. Downside is that shorter barrel lenght means less accuracy.

Summary? Unless im missing something, and I'm a noob too so I might be, a bullpup like a AUG would make a good gun to get if you want to play outdoors and CQ/indoor and only want to buy 1 AEG...

Then again, you might actually hold one and discover you think it feels like crap in your hands. Good luck

EDIT: -1 for me for not seeing that the gun being a bullpup was already mentioned a few times

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