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Grand airsoft entry plan & request for clarification

Hello all. Another noob checking in here.

So, I've been lurking around the forums here for a month or so. I've read the appropriate newb FAQs and a whole pile of very helnpfull info on guns and subsequent upgrading. I think I have come up with a pretty good plan for getting my airsoft on. I wanted to check in and see if anyone notices anything im missing.

1) Getting my BDU together

I've basically settled on MARPAT pants and jacket and a pair of ATAC Storm boots. I've put this down as the first item to get done becasue even if I find that airsoft and I do not agree with eachother, I'll still wear the kit out in life. In fact, im in a pair of MARPAT pants right now. My Doc's are getting pretty old and I need new boots anyways, and that side zip on those Storms sure looks mighty enticing

2) Getting Age Verified / Hitting up Panther for a game.

Once I can get dressed somewhat appropriatley, I plan to come out for a game to see if airsoft is anything like I think its gonna be. I don't want to go drop a wad of cash on a tac vest, FRS radio, decent AEG, charger, battery, and a couple of midcaps till and then find out I hate airsoft. I have access to a paintball approved mask and am reasonably sure I can borrow an AEG from a friend so I THINK I'm good to go. I am also guessing that arranging a age verification at a game would probably be the best way for my local verifier ( optix or moto IIRC ) hook up with me without having either of us to intterupt the rest of our lives just to verify that I am infact a 32 year old computer geek with an itch to dump some bbs into others.

3) Get get an AEG

I'm pretty sure I have a handle on the whole "what AEG should I get" thing and the whole upgrade situation.. well, as much as anyone can have a handle on the upgrade thing. I don't want some super leet 400FPS w .20's gun that won't hit anything i'm aiming at or have my shots riccochet of a stray leaf. That being said, I do have one question....

I know that heavier BBs are more accurate and have a better chance of punching thru folieage. Essentally using heavier BBs sacrifices FPS and Rate of Fire for accuracy and penetration. My question is, how does using heavier BBs effect range?

Thanks for reading and I hope to see some of you out there this summer
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