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You did not state the legnth of the tightbore, but regardless of that for all intensive purposes Im sure that with those upgrades you should be on target if not actually over your goal and if possible you should consider getting an alternate hopup rubber for the hopup as well. I was going to recommened a guarder clear but since your in and over the 400FPS limit...I would suggest something in firefly selection. Just a quick note on inner barrels. Depending on what legnth of inner barrel you aquire you may need to purchase a boreup kit with it as well. You should be fine with anything under a 455mm if you do not wish to purchase a bore up kit.

So you bent the wire shield? Toss the gun out its ruined. Im kidding, I cannot imagine any issues that could arise from bending it slightly. Its purpose is to simply just guide the wires forward and keep them neat and together.

"Its only a little bit on fire"

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