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Ok, I've concluded that I'll just not use the spring, but I'll upgrade other areas of the gearbox to make up for it. With the following upgrades will i be around 400 FPS?
-Mad Bull 6.03 Tightbore barrel
-G&P M4/M16 Hop-up Unit
-Modify Bearing Spring Guide - V2
-Modify 6mm Stainless Steel Bushings - Double Oil Channel
-MASK Pro Cylinder Head V2

Those will all fit in my gun correct?
And while trying to install the tightbore barrel on my own, I failed and bent the wire shield a bit. Will that cause my gun to break down in anyway?
And with these upgrades, I should have the range (if not more) of a stock JG M16 right?

Thank you so much!
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