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Originally Posted by six4 View Post
This weapon is also chronoed in at 365 fps with mt .20 ammo. I myself will be verifiying this claim on video for all to view in the very near future.
I have sold two of those to friends of mine and own the CQB-R and CQB-S version of it. I would be interested in what your chrono results are as I've chronod all of mine at a consistent 340-341 FPS with 0.20G BBs and 321-322 with 0.28.

Put over 1K rounds through both guns and all seems to be running very smoothly. Excellent ROF and FPS imo for out of the box.

The only issue I have run into so far with these guns is the fact that they don't mate too well with PMAG Magpull magazines. The magazine after a shot or two "settles" in the magwell just enough that the magazines feeder is just a hair too far away from the hopup for a proper feed. I've tested it with both guns and 10 mags, all the same results. The HiCaps that come with the gun however have performed flawlessly - Too bad though because the hicap really isn't what I want in there. I imagine a bit of electrical tape in the right spot will snug up the mag enough so that it stays put.

--UPDATE-- Put a longer barrel in my CQB-R and I'm getting 359-363 FPS on the chrono. However, with the silencer on the end of this thing, it's really not so much a CQB style weapon anymore lol.
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