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Originally Posted by L473ncy View Post
Actually... Thinking about it. What is vinegar? It's an acid right? You're using laundry detergent (which I believe is basic). So wouldn't you be negating what you're doing with the detergent/vinegar thing?

Wouldn't it be better to just wash without vinegar or detergent in that case? You would get some sort of salt forming from the vinegar/detergent thing. I'm not sure if it's a soluble salt or insoluble but you'd still be pretty much dumping a slightly basic salt on your clothes doing that.

That's just from a scientific point of view. I think I'm going to try this trick a few times and see if there's actually a difference.

Well I could see how vinegar could help clothing from dulling from washing, but it wont prevent them from fading due to wear and tear and sun bleaching.

Alot of my clothing is dry clean only and the rest I just use cheer dark on. Cheer dark rocks hard.

Oooh I found something interesting about washing your clothing with detergents. Im not sure how legitimate it is. However I will leave this to all of you to make your individual decisions.

Originally Posted by Jory View Post
this thread is about age verification right..
been waiting well over a week now for the mods here to allow me access to those oh so sweet private forums. I have been verified by Amos in person, just waiting for access here..thanks.
If you havent already, you should give a shoot to Amos to make sure the info was submitted, its possible he may have gotten tied up and has not submitted your info, although its probly not the case. If it was submitted then all you can do is sit back and wait, your status will be updated soon enough.

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