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G&G GR-16 m4 ( polycarbonate version )

I have aquired the G&G gr-16 m4 through WARCRAFTGAMES ( )and I guarantee that I will be putting this weapon through some serious testing! M@tt from warcraft games ( and anyone that has seen me play ) knows how I am with my stuff and that I'm not shy about using something sometimes well beyond its breaking point. So that being said M@tt has requested a full review of this weapon so a video/pictoral of this weapon including chronoing and range tests will be forthcoming.

Weapon pics and first impressions out of the box. This is what $399.84 tx in looks like ( lol )

As stated this weapon with tx costs $399.84 and comes with everything you see in the pictures

9.6v 1400 mah battery

G&G 450 rd hi-cap

spanner type wrench for front end removal

battery charger and special instruction manual

Yes this is a polycarbonate bodied weapon but its also backed by a 30 day manufacturer warranty. pretty much an unheard of thing in the world of airsoft weapons!This weapon is also chronoed in at 365 fps with mt .20 ammo. I myself will be verifiying this claim on video for all to view in the very near future. I will be running this weapon through some tests in the next two days ( in row )so watch for video highlights of this! I would aslo like to point out that if your reading this and havent owned or maintained an aeg before
please read the battery charger instructions. This isnt your average wall charger and it will do you justice to read the instructions.

Well as far as first impressions go thats all I have for now. Stay tuned as there is more to follow!
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