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Originally Posted by Dagda View Post
Ok, I've been looking over that site. The vests mostly and can anyone explain to me WHY they are so damn cheap? I can't find any indication that their quality is any less then other outlets selling similar products for three times as much.
A lot of what you see in airsoft whether it be gear or accessories is cloned from the real product, or even other clone manufacturers. This is most likely the case with the cheaper tactical gear you are seeing. The company making that stuff probably grabbed some competitors gear, copied it, and manufactured their own with even cheaper materials, poorer manufacturing processes, and little to no quality control.

Now, you may get lucky and end up with a product that does what you want it to do and lasts a decent amount of time. If it is a chance you are willing to take, go for it. But keep in mind that if you see, say...a Pantac product that costs $200 and a cheaper version of the same product for $50, something's gotta be wrong. Granted, there will be comparable quality among certain products, but the price difference reflects that. As an example, the CB CIRAS vest I bought a while back from Huang cost me around $200. The Pantac version of the same vest goes for around $260 or so. Huang's version is certainly cheaper than the Pantac, but not ridiculously so and the quality is comparable (I own a Pantac CIRAS to compare with for build quality).

Heck, I just ordered a cheap set of elbow/knee pads from eHobby for like $12. Obviously they won't last long, but for now I only need them to last a game or two until I can spring for a set of Alta's or something similar (which cost $70 - $80 for a set).

In the end you get what you pay for.
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