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Originally Posted by TokyoSeven View Post
Usually when it comes to items from over seas make sure to order way ahead of the time you need them. Personally for me if I am ordering from over seas I will try to order atleast a minimum of 3 weeks ahead of time to budget in 2 weeks for the item to travel and 1 week for it to sit in customs.

Out of the 4 items I recieved in the mail today, only one has been updated to show that it was delivered, while the other 3 have still not been updated. 1 item that I recieved from over seas still shows that it is in customs even though its sitting in my closet.

When I order from asia I usually dont even bother checking the tracking number for atleast a few days after I get it. Since it usually will not work or the item has not even left the country yet. Afterwards all I use that tracking number is to see when it reaches Canada. Afterwards I just used Canada posts website to see when it gets released, but for the most part I usually dont bother since tracking barely ever updates anyways.

If insurance is available, even if its only a couple of bucks. I recommend purchasing it on your parcels. Atleast that way if and when the item is lost you are covered for the most part.

Dealing with Canada post can be alot like airsoft sometimes, paitence is key.
That is correct, canadapost doesn't really care about how long it takes to get here, they just do the job no matter what.
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