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It seems that these days kids are getting more and more polarized. Either they're fucking retarded or A+ honours students who volunteer for like 40 hours a week.

Plus it doesn't help that the blame game is played to such an extent these days. Sure you have to share some of the blame but you can't defer 100% of it to others, parents and kids need to man up and take some responsibility, I'm not saying that they're 100% at fault but I'd wager 95% of the problem is parenting and the other 5% external forces like the school, community and such.

I was a kid once too (well... I mean I am 18 so that wasn't too long ago) but it still stands. I did some pretty stupid things back then that, "at the time I thought may have been a good idea". This doesn't mean that common sense just flew out the window totally. I still had a good idea if it was fucking retarded or just a something that may or may not be a good idea.
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