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Actually, to be honest, that is for the most part true. Most teenagers these days are nice, respectful, and generally good people.

What I find is that the ones who are stupid are getting remarkably more stupid. Ie, the cases of dumb are becoming more and more extreme. These are the ones people remember and constantly hear about -not the good ones who are on track to becoming good, productive members of society.

I agree with you completely. The only things you hear about teenagers are the bad things that they do. And recently they have gotten a lot worse (the individuals that do the dumbest things), and the media is doing what the media does, showing ONLY the bad things that happen, and blowing the story wildly out of preportion, which then gives belief to the sterotype that all teenagers do drugs, drink, dont listen to authorities, pull replica firearms on people etc.

That being said i am a teenager and I do stupid things sometimes but there is a limit to how stupid I can be. There is no way I could be that deluded/stupid that i think it would be a good idea to pull a replica firearm on someone in the middle of the street. But there are those that are that dumb and seeing it in the news all the time, makes you think that it is the norm.

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