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Originally Posted by conrad13 View Post
I find all these threads amazing, how stupid kids are these days. And its not just with guns, they seem lack the respect of authority. I remember the social pecking order of high school that kpet idoits at the bottom, when I was a senior the whole respect thing had gone. And today I just picked up the latest Macleans magazine, and there's a whole bunch of articles talking about how todays teenagers are real great and respect authority. I have no idea how they did this study but it seems wrong.
Actually, to be honest, that is for the most part true. Most teenagers these days are nice, respectful, and generally good people.

What I find is that the ones who are stupid are getting remarkably more stupid. Ie, the cases of dumb are becoming more and more extreme. These are the ones people remember and constantly hear about -not the good ones who are on track to becoming good, productive members of society.

"Someone in a Prius tried to race me at a stop sign the other day. I couldn't believe it. I had him for the first 100 feet or so but I can only walk so fast."
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