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ASCMart - AI DD Kit, Current Sales (April 9th) and News

We've just been informed by Airsoft Innovations that their Distraction Device Kit is now available for sale! Easy to install into your Tornado Grenade, the DD Kit converts it from a BB-shooting grenade into a loud-bang-making grenade; the best part is, it doesn't change the grenade's appearance, so the op-for doesn't know whether to cover their ears or their groin!

Available now for $14.95 at

We've put TWO new modular Pantac vests on sale, the Molle Rhodesian Recon Vest and their replica of the Wasatch. Both are available immediately, but the sale ends April 16th, so buy now!

Molle Recon Vest

$119.99 down from $142.99

Molle Wasatch

$139.99 down from $160.99

BBBastard BBs are so popular we've managed to run through our entire stock of .25s, but rest assured we're getting more in as soon as possible.

Need BBs ASAP? Try the .28s, you'll probably find they give a superior flight path.

We've ordered Airsoft Canada hats and we're waiting for them to arrive. We'll be sure to post an announcement when they're in country.
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