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Originally Posted by landwarrior View Post
Ya same thing for me last time. At least last time their tracking was updated. This time...not so much. God I just hope CP leaves a note at my door if there's no one home. If not, it'll be sent back to ehobby!!!
CP will leave a failed delivery notice if nobody is available to sign for the package. It will state which postal outlet you can pick it up from. A maximum of three such notices will be left with the last one clearly stating "final notice". Your final notice slip won't arrive until the package has been sitting at your local postal outlet for a couple of weeks.

Having said that, there is the chance that the delivery person will leave it outside your residence. Technically, they are not supposed to do this if it requires a signature. Unfortunately, there are people here that can attest to this being done with alarming regularity in certain areas.
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