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Originally Posted by TokyoSeven View Post
Well I hope you do have another airsoft gun, because there will be a fair bit of indoor going on as well. With that being said the best parts you are looking for would be made by laylax, however thats just an opinion.Someone else may stand by another brand but laylax is what I am recommending, unfortunetly laylax parts are extremely expensive. Unfortunetly I cannot tell you what to upgrade, as what you choose to change out will be at your own discretion.
PDI is the other that has lots of parts for this gun, there are also a couple of other companies that make one or two parts for it. That said if you insist on using a sniper rifle at claybank, please be sure to make sure that you are within the fps limits. And if you do have the l96 upgraded before the game make sure that you carry a side arm(with multiple mags and this can be a NBB clear soft pistol for all I care, since some work well) for when you are going building to building.

One final thing you will need the black bb's that are required for that game as well. sniper rifles work better with heavier bb's so if you can try to get some 25.'s if stock and if upgraded .28's, .30's, or.36's.

Hope this all helps.
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