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I would also vote on the latter.

Even with myself only being 19 and I live in the City Limits once I got my MP5 (no clear parts) I figured wll I am going to want to shoot it out in the garage so I should probably let my neighbors know that I have a replica weapon that could be mistaken for the real thing. Sure enough I told them and both my neighbors came over to see what it looked like (one out of curiousity, the other becuase he has a kid and wanted to know for safety reasons). So again I did a little educating. You get the point. But to pull one out of your coat in public. Now on top of that I wonder if he saw the cop car and said, "Watch this, I wonder how they will react?" ; and then to point it at another person, possibly unknowing, with the intent to harm or not..

I wonder what people are thinking at times?
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