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Originally Posted by L.S.J.S View Post
This happened right down the road from me the other day!
Posted 1 day ago

A teenage boy is lucky he didn't get shot by police after a male youth pointed a replica sawed off shotgun at another teen on Friday in front of a Talbot Street restaurant while police witnessed the event.

The youth drew what appeared to be a pistol-gripped sawed off shotgun from beneath his coat and pointed it at another youth.

When police approached, he immediately dropped the gun -- It's unclear whether officers drew their weapons. A 16-year-old boy was arrested.

"Replica firearms appear very realistic. Trained police officers have difficulty distinguishing these guns from actual firearms and have to act as if they are real," said Constable. "There is a risk of the offender being shot by police who are unable to establish the exact nature of the weapon."

The boy is charged with carrying a concealed weapon, possession of a weapon dangerous to the public and two breach of probation offences.

I saw the pics in the paper its a airsoft shotty for sure! as If we dont have it hard enough already!!!!!!!! Stupid fuckin kids gotta be doin stupid shit like this.
This is why we strictly enforced a 18+ rules for games, if you screw up we get to beat you silly without feeling bad.
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