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It certainly looks like a real shotgun, even if it doesn't weigh the same.

But try telling that to someone viewing it on the street -- particularly the police.

A black replica pistol-gripped, sawed off shotgun was seized last Friday from a 16-year-old boy who's currently charged with carrying a concealed weapon, possession of a weapon dangerous to the public and two counts of breaching his probation.

Police were called late Friday night to a dance at the Timken Centre. A concerned citizen said someone was pointing a pellet gun at other teens.

Police spotted the same youth a little while later in front of a Talbot Street restaurant. Officers saw him pull what appeared to be a sawed off shotgun and point it at another youth. When police approached, the boy immediately dropped the gun.

In addition to the replica shotgun, two pellet guns were also seized.

"It certainly looked like a real gun," Const. Cam Constable said of the replica, adding that officers didn't draw their weapons in this incident.

It did, however, raised concerns from police who warned that someone brandishing a replica firearm runs the risk of being shot by police believing they face a real threat.

Constable said they put that out as a precaution for the public.

"If guys (officers) are faced with that down the road, there's a possibility... that it could turn out to be something else."
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