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Not true, listen guys while I absolutely concied that airsoft is more realistic in terms of a milsim experiance (one of the reason i got into airsoft). It does take athletisim to do what those guys in the video do. At that level the NPPL World Series, all the players and teams are sponsored. Their markers are pretty much computers with pistons. They carry the gear and upgrades they want so it is an equal playing field. And while luck may win you a round just like a lucky goal in hockey can win a game, it takes years of practice to become as good as those players are. You guys can mock the colours of the guns and jerseys all you want but at least give those athletes the respect they have earned.
I'm not going to deny they have physical abilities, but please don't compare this to hockey, where you have ONE puck, while in speedball you have an entire hopper filled with projectiles. Odds are you WILL it something if you shoot enough paintballs at it.
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