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Oh, just to reiterate since BB weight and velocity has come up, last year I was getting close to 300ft distance (about a 20ft group though) using 0.30g Bastards and having my M24 set up for around 340fps, was all in the way the hop up was tweaked. So any velocity under 450fps should be using less than 0.36g and more than 0.28g (found the 0.30g net me more distance and consistant flight than the 0.28g). 0.36g and the 0.40g should be used over 450fps, which I see as a small market due to most fields going with 450fps as a maximum, yet some fields will allow trusted and skilled snipers to run 500fps rifles knowing they never had a problem with engagment distances (minimum 100ft for me, even at times I've NOT taken the shot at that distance unless I could guaranteee a webbing hit).
so on a hot day, i should be running .36g + in my Tanaka Kar98k as i have heard it max out at around 465fps + depending on the ambient temperature.
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