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Never mind I manage to get the mechbox back into the lower receiver. The levers/sprockets/whatever you call it does take a fair bit of wiggling around. :banghead:

Stock barrel is dirty - definitely needs to be cleaned before use.

Hop-up is 2 piece - not too impressed, as 2 piece hop-up unit is much easier to leak air then 1 piece hop-up. That said, they are using a SR25 nozzle so hopefully leaked air is kept to a minimum.I believe someone from manage to mod his Masada to take a Systema hop-up unit?

Hop-up sleeve is, interesting, similar to the Element hop-up rubber design.

Still trying to figure how to take out the inner barrel.

- very nice externally
- internals need to be fixed, particularly shimming.
- diassembly and re-assembly pretty annoying.
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