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Originally Posted by Scopedog View Post
Top Tech:
Home to their patented blowback system series (M4, 416, MP5). No clear receiver versions to be made from this line, according to Ken from 007.
Well, Ken can really only speak for his own stock, not other people's.

Mach1 and Velocity Arms both carry the clear receiver version of blowback G&G.

Originally Posted by tony123 View Post
So sorry to go off topic, but from what you guys are saying you cant remove the front site on the gandg series? I was consitering the G&G r5 from mopic however i would like to go dmrifle meaning seeya later front sight for just a flat gas block and a scope. Doable or is it on there for good?
You can remove the front sight. Mopic closed his business.
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