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appslapp: would you be nice enough to make a reassembly guide? I took the mechbox completely apart, rebuild, and now having trouble putting them back in particularly around the sprocket/selector area. Not sure where I've gone wrong

Commanche: With the Masada that I have (got it from Hong Kong)
1) Air nozzle to cylinder head air-sealing is good. Air nozzle is SR25. Cylinder head is standard M4.
2) Gear is over-greased but okay. Standard Chinese steel gear so if you got your mechbox fixed up right they'll last a while.
3) Piston-head air seal is poor . If you can't find the o-ring(s) for the piston, you'll need to completely swap out the piston and the piston head OR the cylinder because their piston head screw-on design is... unique. =/
4) spring guide is crap. Anything more than 320FPS it'll be a good idea to swap out
5) BAD stock shimming, you'll definitely need to reshim.
6) stock motor is crap.
7) anti-reversal latch and trigger spring pops up easy during reassembly

Didn't chrono the gun stock, but the spring tension is similar to a PDI 130% (370FPS). At about 70% the length.

The tappet plate is a wee bit thicker than usual. Not sure whether I'll classify it as "reinforced" though.

Will need to get my lower receiver reassembled first before I look into the hop-up unit. But I suspect as with most ACM guns the barrel needs a clean and the hop-up sleeve either cleaned or replaced.

The mechbox shell itself is not too bad and build thick, but strips very easily. It's not very "hard" either (scratch easy - not a good sign of mechbox durability especially on a Version 2 gearbox). If you plan on going 400FPS and above you'll probably want to buy a JG Version 2 mechbox from RSOV (Red motor + new Systema mechbox shell copy) and swap over the air-nozzle, IMO it's not worth buying the individual parts and try to make them work on the stock gun unless you're on a budget.

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