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Originally Posted by Turnbull View Post
I'm going to go ahead and strongly disagree with you. Cheap camo will fade very quickly, especially with the wear and tear of playing airsoft, as well as the wash cycles. If you get good camo, it won't fade as fast, and it will be more effective. You won't have to "renew" your camo for a few years. You'll end up paying much less for a good set of BDU's than if you have to keep "renewing" a shitty knock off brand.
I dont agree.
I see real camo everyday, and it uses and wears just as fast as regular clothing.
Alot of the time, brands like Propper/ Frontenac are high quality materials, but they get replaced in the army very fast, because they are being used the same way they'll be used in Airsoft. Mind you, I dont think most people are playing airsoft everyday and always in an extreme environment, but camo is camo, tissue is tissue and all color fades in the wash.

You can get the best or cheapest stuff and it will fade, the trick is ( I learnt this from my grandmother who was a seamstress for 20 year), when you wash, use cold water, very little detergent and about a quarter cup of vinegar in the water. It will prevent the colour from fading quickly. I use it with all my blacks and they dont turn grey, even after regular wear for months.
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