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Originally Posted by cbcsteve View Post
Hmm I tried looking for reviews on it but not many could be found, but I didn't know that the CA P90 was another lottery pick gun. So there are a lot of horror stories of it?
Airsoft Canada

And to be honest, most online reviews didn't outright bash the gun. But most online reviews tend to be way overly kind -they wouldn't even call a turd a piece of shit. You kindof have to read between the lines a bit. Basically, the impresison I got from most reviewers is that they liked it simply because "it wasn't as expensive as a TM" and seemed to used that to justify the shitty piston (think original CA), sub-par gears, non-reinforced mechbox, nylon bushings, and some other mechbox and quality shortfallings. From what I've read I've gotten the impression that the CA90 is actually the lowest quality of the entire sportline series.

But anyway, I'll not fill up your review with my own opinion based solely on other reviews. You actually have your hands on the gun after all

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