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Cheaper Magazine Review

Airsoft Global P90 130 round Magazine Review

Its sold out now but save the hassle and do not get these, they have problems

I though the 130 round would be great since it will be double the amount of rounds a TM or other copycat mags would give me. I was definitely mistaken. It appears to have some double stacking inside which I believe is where all the problems stem from. And guess what it cannot even fill up to 130 rounds at most it can fill up to 50-70 rounds.

2/4 mags I bought work perfectly while the other 2 you have to tap on them or poke at the BBs inside to make it cycle.

Now I will still give them one good point is that the ones that do feed, feed great, shoot great and work like TM magazine for half the price.

But if anything I would say save the money and just go for the TM magazine or copycats that are 68 rounds as anything more will probably have the same problems as mine

JG/ACM/Echo1 P90 Magazine - 68 Round

It appears that these mags do not fit on the CA P90 Properly (This is the CA P90 only not talking about other P90 Models). The 130 rounders fit in fine with a little force while these fit in and feed but can pop right out if you jingle it around.

The problem lies within the CA P90's magazine holder latch. I have to manual push the latch to latch onto the mag to hold it into place rather than it just automatically moving into place once the P90 mag is placed in.

Albeit it feeds 100% better than the 130 rounders the fitment will need some modification

Other than that it feeds perfectly and all BBs freely within the Mag into the gun

JG/ACM/Echo1 68rnd Update - Apr 25th 2009

Noticed that some of the mags now pop out BBs if I try to aggresively put the mag in the P90 not too sure if others have that problem but I am guessing the retention spring is not that strong, so probably could be fixed with a tiny spring. I noticed this when I was in a reloading fever while trying to take down an enemy 50 feet away and the BBs were popping out not all the BBs but one or two at a time.
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