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Classic Army - P90 Sportline Series

Hello all I have not done a review in a long time

Quick Disclaimer
As you know this is a review thread and questions such as where did you buy it will not be answered due to underage constraints, for those age verified you don't have to worry.

Classic Army P90

YouTube - Classic Army P90 - Out of Box Review

Out of the Box adjustments

1. Replace the hop up rubber, the current one is too hard and does not give much hop when adjusted like a TM P90 would

2. May need to rework mechbox to have the loading nozzle not stick forward or inwards (Can vary in problem some have inwards sticking while others have outwards sticking)

Performance - 3/5

Apr 7th - Performance Test
Straight out of the box in stock form this gun performs very well. Even while it was outside my door for 4 hours it still was able to shoot. After owning the TM P90 for awhile and testing out the JG/Echo 1 P90 is seems the Classica Army P90 is more close to the TM P90 maybe even better right out of the box. Straight out the box nothing needs to be modded.

Apr 23rd - Performance Test
I just found out if I ever want to increase the ROF I will need a new Gearbox or fix the internals which I have heard probably will not alleviate this problem. As I read in other review it appears out of the box that the nozzle has some problems either always sticking inwards or outwards.

Mine sticks Outwards on Full auto which is a big problem. Reason being is that if the nozzle sticks out wards too much then the BBs cannot feed in. Right now using a 8.4v Nimh battery but I tried my Lipo on it and the ROF is insane but its so fast that the BBs are not feeding in because the Nozzle is stuck forward causing the BBs not to drop in the loader. So that leaves a bitter taste as I remember when I had my TM P90 and tried it with a Lipo is cycled well AND Echo1 can also take Lipos and feed properly too.

In conclusion CA P90 if you want a good upgrade platform Echo1 or TM P90 may be better. Don't get me wrong the CA P90 is fine the way it is but if you want crazy ROF then you may have to fix it up or look elsewhere

Aesthetics 4/5

Aesthetically it is very close to the TM P90 where as the JG/Echo 1 P90 is not. The CA P90 has a nice texture and it does not look black plain fake plastic like the JG one. The only downfall is that the seams on the gun don't appear as tight as the Tokyo Marui P90s.

Peripherals 3/5

The stock battery it comes with makes the gun shoot wonderfully. It comes with a battery, a charger, and some BBs. Usually I replace the stock battery with something better but I think I will be using the battery until it dies. Its the batteries that gives the peripherals a good mark.

The red dot sight is probably not the best thing you would want to rely on in combat. Its fuzzy and its off, I would say the cheapest one you could get is the BSA Red dot from Dealxtreme

After testing it some more the Hicap magazine definitely should be replaced with better low-cap ones. Reason being is that it seems to unwind after every 10-30 shots. 30 shots if I am lucky.

Internals 4/5

The internals such as the hopup and parts on the gearboxes are the nice solid black ABs plastic parts. Looks healthier and better than the whitish yelloish plastic parts you would find on your JG/Echo 1 P90s. I really like the nice solid black internals as they appear almost the same as a TM P90. The Nylon bushings don't seem to be a problem yet. Though strangely when you shoot a BB it makes a very loud sound not like the TM which is a good thing and a bad thing depending on your playing style.

Overall Review - Will constantly change over time

For now I find it to be a good starters gun. Though this is the initial review and will change over time

Where to get MAGS?
Also for cheapo Mags go to! (But they have fake bullets with them so its a gamble with your money and custom seizure)
ASC Retailers should have them go check it out!

Price Difference

And to quell anyone asking price difference, this was almost half the cost of a TM P90. And I do not regert it at all.

Gun Updates

June 17 2009

Gun is still operational and full functioning

Semi-auto is still working and only jams up if you do not pull the trigger completely Gone through almost 5000 rounds
Full-auto is still kicking it good, don't notice any misfeeds or jams

Only problem is the Semi-auto sometimes if I fire too fast it does not feed. But problem can be solved with a Sector Clip on the gear but I am too lazy to fix and that problem is not all to bad since it only happens once in awhile

Don't use the RDS that came with it, used my own Cheapo China BSA Red do which works perfectely.

Aside from that this is my primary even in outdoor games

Another problem is Echo1/ACM P90 Magazines fit perfectely but the retention is weak and you would have to manually move lock the magazine in by pulling out the magazine catch. Not hard to do and a habit that I come to do for all mags to make sure they are retained
- Pistolero Steve -

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