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I also suggest a good pair of boots..Something sturdy,light and comfortable with high ankle support.Nothin can wreck a great day like a torn or busted ankle.Spend the money on these, cheap boots are cheap boots.Also good footwear helps with the back.For indoor I usually wear a "hoody" under my cami's hood down, it'll protect the back of the neck. Shemagh to protect the front of the neck. Some guys wear track/fleece pants as an under layer as well, could be a little warm for where you are but it adds protection. I only wear 1 knee pad but thats my preference. Gloves are a must, look for a padded or armoured pair. As far as eye/face protection, get yourself a set of paintball goggles with mask attachment. Some even come with flares to protect the ears. I wear a baseball hat backwards for head protection, it's enough that bb's wont break skin, helmets can sometimes interfere with goggles/masks so I don't wear em. Oh, and don't forget to stretch well before you play!!! Why you ask?..If you don't you'll know why
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