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Originally Posted by Malice Army View Post
Since the International Olympic Committee vote to recognize paintball (speedball) as a SPORT missed by only one single vote. I think you'll see paintball in the Olympics before airsoft. ESPN also shows the tournaments on TV, when have you seen airsoft on TV? Those would be compelling reasons, and my last pro season I made over $4000 dollars in prize money, you ever get paid for airsofting? The games are completely different, don't flame what you don't understand. Airsoft is way cheaper in my opinion and better game to play just for fun. Paintball is more about the compitition.
Buddy, I played paintball for a long time. Don't get up on your high horse and say I don't understand it. Who are you to tell me what I do and don't understand? Airsoft isn't as recognized as paintball and lets be perfectly honest, paintball has no place in the Olympics.

EDIT: Last line was a bit over the top, sorry bout that, was angry was all..
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