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What most of you don't understand is there are two basic forms of paintball. Speedball in which fields are regulation size and use inflatable obstacles that are the same on each and woods ball less organized and usually played in the woods or indoor facilitys that look like ye olde western towns and the like. Speedball is highly competative and the bright coloured jerseys they were are much the same as what sports teams wear. They are breathable and allow you to acheive a good slide on the field. Woodsball is usually less competative. There has been a trend in the last few years to have bolt on kits on your marker to make them look more like rs. Milsimers wear BDU'sand carry just about the same equipment as airsofters. Now usually the people who pay $100 plus dollars for paint play at least semi-pro and are sponsored by manufactures.

Now obviously airsoft guns look more realistic as they are replicas, but lets admit it guys and gals its pretty hard to get friends to shell out hundreds of dollars to guy an AEG while I could easily convinve most of my friends to play paintball a few times a year.

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