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Safety gear, what do you recommend?

Hey, greetings from your neighbors to the south...far south (SoCal). I browse this and a couple of other forums, but really like this one (good information, pictures and reviews). Anyways some friends and I are getting into airsoft. My main concern is safety, one of my friends works at the local ER and had a kid come in with injury to his eye from a drunken airsoft fight, the very definition of stupid. We all have eye gear, but I was concern with other vitals, namely face (nose and mouth) , throat, upper chest and since I'm an old guy mid and lower back (the back applies to a couple of us and is an issue of concern). I already have ballistic goggles and am planning on getting a cup, helmet, elbow and knee guards.

What gear to you guys recommend? Mainly planning on CQC/CQB and I was looking at something like a heavy jacket (with insert pockets for added protection) with high collar and loose fitting (any suggestions).

The helmet my friend was looking at and suggested is a Tactical/Seal helmet, but I made a commend about the large ventilation holes in it, should I be concerned?
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