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Man, my head hurts, I've read, read and read and I still don't know
what I can do.
"Although replica firearms are prohibited, you may keep any that you owned on December 1, 1998. You do not need a licence to possess them, and they do not need to be registered. However, as an individual, you cannot import or acquire a replica firearm. If you take a replica firearm out of Canada, you will not be able to bring it back in."

ATM I'm not interested in bringing in something that looks like an AK47,MP5 whatever....I just want functional props, yes, I know now that the Dragon is popular as you can strip her and give her new clothes to be what you want it to be,in that light anyone wanting to get rid of the ABS drop me a line.
No I just want for starters, to obtain the Robocop OCP Auto9, I just don't want to pay 430$ for it as it is on this side, I will pay 300$ but then my budget will be stretched. Barring that, my second choice would be one I only know as a WE 22L sometimes called a Capa7.1(?) it too is devoid of markings like the A9 and you can see through under the barrel and it doesn't resemble any real-life military/police issue weapon. After that, then just something to sling over my shoulder, to complete the costume,hell it wouldn't even have to have functioning internals, just a place to hold the battery and a momentary contact switch. Then I could install one of my solid state laser kits and have a "faux" 'energy' weapon but that's far down the road..I want to concentrate on getting just the right pistol for my needs. {and hey, that's no sillier than you ppl running around the woods}
Now I need to PM one of the admins.....

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