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Originally Posted by Erennert View Post
Paintball is actually a lot more expensive than airsoft, it's the addiction that kills. I mean look at their "good" gear.

A descent Speedball marker is upwards of 1000$
Combined with boxes of paintballs. estimate 100-150$ per 2000
And they use much more than 2000 in a day. It's just that airsofters tend to buy many different kits, camo's, guns, accessories than paintballers, who stick with one marker, and just buy paint.
A PTW airsoft gun which markets for 2500$ is going to be more expensive than a high end paintball gun. I don't know where you buy paintballs, but at every local store that I've ever bought paintballs from, the price is in the range of 50-60$ for a case of 2000. All the paintballers I know had multiple markers and "camo", although it all was puked colored. More gear is required to play airsoft than paintball, which explains why it costs so much. A paintballer buys the gun, and the paintballs, and a vest to put it all in. Maybe some 5$ pods. A decent chest rig/vest, with enough pouches to put all the mags which carry the bbs, as well as a dump pouch, and various other pouches including radio, grenade and utility pouches will put you in the hole a few hundred bucks. Hell mags alone will run you 80-90$/ 5 units. Due to the complexity of an airsoft gun, they have a higher chance of breaking, which requires more money to fix than a paintball gun. the parts for airsoft are much more expensive than those of paintball. Hell, in camo and vest alone you're talking 600$ bucks total, and thats a conservative amount, considering the cost of camo BDU's. And thats just to be "operational", let alone fully prepared.

Paintball costs more? Yeah, sure.
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