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actually i wouldbe more than happy to get a decent mech box and parts for it here in canada but i can't seem to find much online .. thats why i have been looking outside of canada and price as well i don't want a systema ver3 mech box maybe in the future but for now i just want something to tinker with and improve .. play with .. lol .. hey idea if there is a problem with full mech boxes ask them to part it out and mail it in one box in parts .. might help ... if your worried lol ..
I play with guns and pretend to make war to remind myself and others how easy it is to die in real life, so I honour the sacrifice others make on our behalf even if I do not agree with the policies that send them where they go, so I work to bring them home so that no one may ever forget what was done this and every other day and not to be just swept away as many people wish it would stay.
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