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Age Verification

Originally Posted by Doktor View Post
I know to be age verified you must meet with a rep from your area, but this sounds a little out of the way for me, especially since I don't even know for certain If I'll start playing Airsoft or not. (Probably will).

Is it possible to get a Rep on an istant messenger and show them a picture of my Medicare card + Birth certificate or any other I.D. I may have to prove I'm 18?

I know this may sound stupid and you may be saying ' Ugh what a dumb noob'. I dont realy care, I'm just trying to simplify my life .

Can add anyone on facebook with access to pics of my medicare and birth-certificate.
I've been trying to become an age verifying outlet for a bit but I don't have enough tenure for it yet. It would be very convenient to stop by the store and get age verified however for now it is impossible.

This saturday there is an airsoft event at Mirabel Paintball if you're interested you may come down and meet the players and get age verified over there (bring ID).

I will be sponsoring that event and I will introduce you to the players =)
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