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Originally Posted by Tugg View Post
ok that makes sence, but still, a fake one? even the one with the orange tip? like com on...
also, someone stated that opsgear ones are american crap, and airsoftparts are asian, WTF IS THE DIFFERENCE, how can a silencer that doesnt work be better than another one that doesnt work? makes no sence to me, the only thing i can think of is maybe the threads are fungooled.
Do they let you import a fake gun? No. So why would they let you import a fake suppressor? The orange tip thing is an American law.. and quite fankly what's to keep someone from painting an orange tip on a real suppressor?

And the reason the American ones are different is because it's actually illegal in the United States to put a suppressor on any airsoft gun if it's even remotely functional.

I have a piece of advice: Don't try and make sense of Canada's import laws.

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