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Hey, from what i've seen and heard, the TM M-14 is a damn good gun, and can be made (once people begin to know you) into a sniper rifle. To be honest, one of the main reasons people here on ASC discourage new people from sniping isn't just the person being new, it's the fact that being a sniper is expensive as hell. A stock sniper rifle from just about any company wont shoot any farther or more accurately than a stock AEG. So, when your out in the field, you don't have any advantage over AEG's, but they have an advantage over you of being able to fire full auto. A lot of new people like the idea of being a sniper, but from what i've seen, many newcomers will buy a sniper rifle, play a couple games while being horribly outgunned, and then quit because they aren't having fun. So don't take it personally, we'd just like to see new people enjoy themselves.
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