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Originally Posted by Renegade) View Post
Avoid KA mags at all costs... I have seen way to many players at games complaining about their guns not feeding right, mag not seating in the magwell properly, ect ect and each of them were KA mags... Put in one of my TM ones and fires perfect..
I agree, KA mags have problems: But I've exclusively used 8 KA mags for a year now and aside from the initial problems which reared their heads in two of the mags, they were fixed in 10 minutes, and had since all fired flawlessly. At half the price of TM mags, KA are a steal, but they can come quirks: something a lot of people do not want to deal with.

EDIT: Note my mags are for an M4. I've heard horror stories about the M14 mags... :|

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