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Got to use some of these at the game on Saturday, really bad conditions, cold, wet, winds gusting 60km/h................ even with full hop up on with my M24, I'd get each of the BB weights dropping hard around 140ft, and I mean literally dropping hard! No amount of elevation from my rifle would get them to go farther.

Am questioning these weights in a rifle shooting under 450fps, wish I had access to other sniper rifles to test these out on. I did swap out the hop up rubber, a KN65 with a hard bucking behind it and put a Guarder clear in there, have to see what it shoots like then. Looks like I also got an airleak, shooting around 400fps now, which is perfect for the game next weekend, 350fps max for AEGs and 400max for sniper rifles. Will be using the 0.30g Bastards there.

Nutshell, am really seeing more of a need for something like a .33g BB, as opposed to heavier. I DO find these to be very consistant though. I'm going to wash the oil off all the BBs and see if I can get a bit more friction from the hop up rubber, this might be the key thing. Will report back in a few weeks after I get a chance to get my rifle back up to ~450fps and get some outdoor shooting done.

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