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Originally Posted by King Cobra View Post
Speed ball Boo (N) Woods ball Yayy (Y)

Paintball gun's shoot a lower FPS because they're able to shoot farther and hurt a lot more then Airsoft. If a paintball rifle ran at the FPS that a Airsoft Rifle ran at... When someone would be crying :P alot :P or going to the hospital or something.
Airsoft guns, especially a well tuned airsoft gun firing heavy ammo, will outrange a paintball gun anyday.

A lot of paintballers are under the impression that airsoft guns don't have the range because the projectile is smaller. I've never once seen any paintballer make a hit 250 feet away. Or 200. Or maybe even 150 without praying real hard. Any competant AEG has a decent chance of hitting someone 150 feet away.

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