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Originally Posted by King Cobra View Post
Speed ball Boo (N) Woods ball Yayy (Y)

Paintball gun's shoot a lower FPS because they're able to shoot farther and hurt a lot more then Airsoft. If a paintball rifle ran at the FPS that a Airsoft Rifle ran at... When someone would be crying :P alot :P or going to the hospital or something.
Not exacly.

They shoot at 280fps, maybe 300fps max because their paintball are heavy and transfer a lot of energy on impact. They won't shoot farther than airsoft because the paintball would burst in the barrel or crash to the ground short of what the usual range of an AEG is, simply because they don't fly the same.

Even with your paintball "hopup", that won't be able to tolerate high fps to compensate for range.

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