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People always talk about gear and motor noise, but what do you hear when someone is shooting at you? If you have actually played a a game of airsoft in your life you will realize that past 10-20 feet you CANNOT HEAR GEAR OR MOTOR NOISE. All you hear is the thump of the piston inside the gun. This is of course assuming your motor and gears are properly adjusted and shimmed, I'd say 40-60% of guns ARE NOT PROPERLY SHIMMED OR ADJUSTED SO MAKE A LOT MORE MECHBOX NOISE THAN THEY SHOULD. Once everything is properly adjusted all you can hear is the thwap of the piston when you are beyond the minimum engagement range. You might hear some motor wine but that is because the gun has a motor or battery that do not have enough torque/amperage for that spring, it is not normal in a good gun. Add on a Sorbo pad or silent head set and the gun will be a lot quieter than a normal gun. Add on a silencer with a proper baffle system in the silencer and you can make a dead quiet gun.

To baffle a silencer, remove all the foam rings and place several cardboard washers in between each, this creates gaps inside the silencer for the air (noise) to move into which causes turbulence (which is BEHIND the BB so does not effect its trajectory.)

Silencer have no effect if all you listen to is the gun from the firers perspective. My SPR sounds exactly the same with or without the Sorbo pad and with or without the silencer when your head is beside it but when you listen to it pointed at you from 20 or so feet away, it goes "pfft" instead of "POP!" Even just pointing the gun past your head and dry firing it point blank will show a huge difference. When firing my SPR beside my head all I can hear is spinning gears and "pop" "pop" "pop" from the piston, when firing it towards myself (well, my room mate was firing it to the side of my head from 20' away) all I can hear is "pfft" "pfft" "pfft"

Standard airsoft silencers are made from aluminum so any weight it adds is negligible from an overall stand point. For a silencer to turn a balanced gun into a front heavy gun it would have to be full of lead. Anyone who says properly setup silencers make no different in noise report either have never played a game of airsoft in their life or only test muzzle report sitting at a work bench with the gun beside their head. FROM ANY SORT OF MINIMUM ENGAGEMENT DISTANCE A SILENCER MAKES A HUGE IMPACT ON THE AUDIBLE REPORT OF AN AEG FIRING, THIS IS A FACT.

There is a player in Ottawa, Frog I believe, with a dead quiet SPR, quieter than any other gun I have ever listened to. I have no idea what internals he runs but from 40-50' away your own breathing can cover up the sound report from the piston, it is just insane.

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