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I have a quick question about Sniper Equipment since I'm staying in Paintball but I thought you guy's could help with Equipment xD Would you guy's suggest a ghillie suit over CADPAT with vest and other equipment so im able to hold more ammo as on a ghillie suit im not able to equipt a vest.
You won't need a vest. All the extras I needed for my VSR I packed into an Eagles shooter rifle stock pack (one spare mag, a TM magazine loader and a small baggy of about 200 BBs). Had a Camelbak for water and a small fanny pack to carry food and a multi tool, rest went into various pockets.

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where exactly do paintballers mount their sights when they have those kidney thingies on top of their guns?
Sights? What are these 'sights' you speak of?

Honestly, I don't think there was a real need for sights on a paintball gun. At the ranges you played at, it was either point-and-shoot, volley-fire-with-a-dozen-other-guys or don't-shoot-at-all.
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