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Originally Posted by King Cobra View Post
I'm talking about the orange jacket thingy you said :P

Pusangani, Those kidney things are called Hoppers. There are Hopper Fed and Magazine fed Paintball Guns. I have a Magazine fed, But Im still able to switch to a hopper if I choose. And even if you do have a hopper on, You can have scope's that angle out to the side on a certain mount add-on for the sight.
well the X7 hopper, which i have is great, cause it allows me to sight down my rifle. but i take it from the sound of it, you most likely have the T9 paintball marker? there are only two other magazine fed markers i know of, and only one of them is Canada legal. but still, as an avid paintballer for a number of years before i switched to airsoft, there is no such thing as a paintball sniper. there are just riflemen, and support gunners. nothing more. In airsoft, you can actually have classes, so to speak. Albeit, the snipers in airsoft have a minimal (and i stress this point) advantage over other classes, it is there none-the-less. their FPS increase will provide a degree of range increase over standard guns, and so long as they have a good inner barrel and heavy weight bb, they will be more accurate than other people on the field. some goes for other classes such as a DM, or a rifleman. now that being said, and i come back to my point, there are no such provisions in paintball. The only range advantage one can have is with the flatline and/or Apex barrel, and both of those have crap accuracy (i know, i have used one and worked with another). other than that, everyone has the same range and the same accuracy on the field. sure, some barrels are better than others, but a longer barrel wont have the same effect in paintball as it will in airsoft. The same can be said for a tighter barrel. i dunno, those are just my thoughts.
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